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Prevent and Reduce Baby Flat Head Syndrome

Baby Flat HeadA common form of flat head syndrome, also known as positional plagiocephaly is a condition that occurs as a result of such external pressure being applied to a baby’s skull.

It causes a baby’s head to be misshaped or to have a flat spot.

Generally, babies are vulnerable to baby flat head because when they are born their skull is soft and pliable.

Positional plagiocephaly develops after birth when babies spend most of their time in a position that puts pressure on a given part of their skull. Since babies spend a lot of time lying on their back, they may develop a flat head at the point where the head presses against the mattress or any other firm surface like prams and play mats that the baby is put to rest in.

Flat head in babies is more prevalent in newborns than it is in older children. Babies that are born prematurely tend to face an increased risk because their skulls are softer.

There are various steps you can take to reduce / prevent the chance of your baby getting flat head syndrome. Most notably by reducing the firmness of the head support, a baby bean bag is perfect for this because baby beanbag micro beans provide the best support for your baby by moulding to your baby’s head without causing the kind of pressure that other surfaces cause.

Browse our collection of quality baby bean bags, find the perfect solution for reducing / preventing flat head in babies.

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